Jordan a major Incentive destination in the MENA region

Jordan is a destination of the tantalizing desert, hills, the Red Sea, and the Dead Sea, historical with a strong culture with an explosion of quality chain 5* hotels and qualified human resource emphasis that Jordan has the entire constituent to become a lucrative incentive travel destination.

Our continues development in information, technology, and creativity projected us in a position to provide added values and unique benefits that achieve your customer’s satisfaction and go beyond their prospect and aspiration.

By dynamic and challenging requirements, with a very comprehensive package based on a high quality of services that is managed & run by a highly experienced management & cable team of experts.

We served a variety of customers & interest demands, in terms of leisure travel, incentive travel, meeting & conferences, With much more

Always we are one step ahead, with our quality service, best rates, best attention, and top VIP treatment We promise what can we achieve then our challenge to try to achieve more than what we have promised

This goes hand-in-hand with endless opportunities for team-building and incentive packages,
experiences around Petra, the famous rose-red Nabatean city, a visit to the holy sites around Mount Nebo,
or a trip through the Roman city of Jerash, which rivals any Roman ruins outside of Rome.
Other options include a journey into the dramatic desert landscape of Wadi Rum, team-building on
the shores of the Dead Sea or a relaxing break in the healing waters of the Ma’in Hot Springs, which
provide the perfect antidote to a busy week in the boardroom. For short trips, the urban attractions
of Amman offer plenty of scope for client entertainment or incentive experiences, from five-star
dining to world-class shopping and entertainment facilities.
With an ever-growing number of first-rate hotels that cater to groups of all types and sizes, the
opportunities are endless, making it easy to experience Jordan’s many attractions, take advantage
of its facilities and enjoy all that this extraordinary country has to offer.

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