Incentive, Meetings


Jordan is a desirable destination in the Middle East to host their events.


Creating the strategy with the project organizer
Total design of the project (creating or remodeling the visual identity of the project)
Communication and logistics for foreign guests
Transfers and accommodation for guests
Marketing and PR activities for the project
Sponsorship negotiations
Budget management and cash flow

Congress Secretariat
Registration system
On-site management
Conference venue arrangements
Audio-visual and technical infrastructure
Translation services
Catering services
Artistic program
Social programs, pre, and post Turing

Jordan offers a host of opportunities for event planners, from small-scale functions to gala dinners
and international conferences. Diverse attractions and a well-established business infrastructure
position the Hashemite Kingdom as a competitive destination for meetings, incentives, conferences
and exhibitions in the region. As the sector continues to grow, accounting for an ever-expanding
share of the global travel market, companies are seeking out new overseas sites to host their
meetings, conferences and events. Regional and international groups are increasingly looking to
Jordan is a desirable destination in the Middle East to host their events.
In addition to targeting business from sectors that build on Jordan’s existing strengths, including
the medical field, the pharmaceutical industry, humanities and religious studies, and information
technology, the kingdom has earmarked regional associations and not-for-profit events as an
additional area for future focus. Its strategic location at the heart of the Middle East and its status
as a base for non-profit organizations in the region makes Jordan a natural hub for the sector and
an ideal meeting point for those in the field.
The coming years will see considerable growth in this sector as the Hashemite Kingdom channels
significant resources into ramping up its business offering, enhancing existing facilities and adding
to its substantial portfolio of meetings and events locations.
These include a large-scale conference center overlooking the Dead Sea and a new conference
center, managed by Zara, in the heart of the Amman. and in Ayla Aqaba at the Hyatt Regency.

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